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Top Reasons to Trust Michigan Broadband Services

• We are convenient to business with, and your local sales person will own the on-going relationship to provide a superior personal experience.
• We are confident you can place your trust in us to be your reliable Internet Service Provider – we don’t rely on 3rd party consultants to operate our company.
• We offer real speeds and guarantee the bandwidth that is purchased.
• Our business values are aligned with your values.  Do the right thing for the customer at a fair market price.
• Michigan based company investing in fiber and local organizations to spur economic development in the communities we serve and where our team members also live – we annually donate $10,000 to non profit organizations in our communities.
• Responsive Customer Care – local technicians with response guarantees, and a less than one minute answer time should you need to call us – technical mobile numbers provided upon request.
• Company leadership mobile numbers provided upon request for calls or text messages – compliments accepted.
• Business model based on long term market sustainability – we are built to be your long term telecommunications service provider.
• One stop source for your monthly telecommunication needs including broadband, voice, WiFi, camera security, IT services, off site data storage, firewall security, video.
We explicitly endorse Net Neutrality.

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